Hairstyle for Short Hair Bride

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Structured and modern hairstyles are not unique to women with long hair. Those with short hair can also – and should – give a show of elegance at wedding ceremonies. Just know how to value what you have. With different accessories and a lot of texture on the wires, it is possible to stand out and ensure a sophisticated and modern look.

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Next, separate various hairstyles trends for wedding, tips hairstyles for short hair for the wedding and top inspirations for you to choose your own! Everything for you to rock the next party as a godmother or guest!


Short Hairstyles for Wedding: The Perfect Cut!

Before thinking of any hairstyle, the short-haired woman must follow a strict rule: to have the hair cut very well for the ceremony. This is because, when you lose the cut, the hair is not so beautiful. “Do the maintenance before the wedding. But don’t bet on radical transformations. You may be surprised, ”warns Lucy Cossenzo, a hairstylist at Square by Romeu Felipe.

It is also worth noting that short hair needs to maintain feminine traits. It is important to avoid drawing the “little foot”, for example, as it is characteristic of the male cut. “Opt for a bang, longer neck and even chops in the case of super short,” advises Lucy.

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The features of your face also influence when it comes to having the perfect hair. “Round-faced women should opt for a straight base cut and symmetrical strands, with only a slight tightness in the upper layers. Girls with thin faces, on the other hand, should abuse asymmetrical shorts, with disconnected layers and messy finishing,” says Adriano Hoffmann, hair artisan hairstylist at Creative Salon Campo Belo.

Now, if you want to follow the trendy cuts, then a good tip is to bet on the bobs trend. They are bob cut, shaggy bob, and long bob. The first is a Chanel derivative with stripped ends. The second has peaked layers and side fringe that frames the face.

Finally, the latter is a timeless classic, with the length ending at the shoulder line. All match any type of face.


The ideal short according to the ceremony

Once you find or hit the perfect short, it’s time to think about the hairstyle you should wear at the ceremony. Here, the golden tip is to follow the time and place of the wedding. Besides understanding your position in the event: godmother or guest.

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Day weddings call for more natural looks without much production or texture. “Finishing with Babyliss and wide waves are the most used. They even go well with outdoor, beach or country wedding,”says Lucy. Salt spray is also a great ally. He creates the beach waves, that hair well disconnected with the face of who just came out of the sea.

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