Tips and Basic Care for Male Hair

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Tips and Basic Care for Male Hair – Do not you want to go bald? Do you want to stop hair loss, dandruff, seborrhea, and beautiful, healthy hair? So, look at this matter basic care tips for male hair, from the daily, treatments to combat dandruff to avoid falls and damage of all kinds.

There are many ailments that men usually complain about in relation to their hair. The worst and most feared is the baldness, the entrances, the thinning hair. Then they complain of dandruff, seborrhoea, oily hair, and finally dry hair. If you do not want to have problems of any kind in your hair, the best way to avoid it is to prevent it before the problem appears and installs. Preventing is easier, cheaper and less laborious too! And how to do that? It’s simple, in basic daily care you can prevent from having to remedy later.

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First of all, let’s talk about the basic care that needs to be done day by day, and that simple as they may seem if they are not done properly they end up detonating the hair and even causing damage to the scalp. That’s why even if you have perfect hair, it requires care. If it is oily, dry or long the care has to be redoubled.

Male hair grows faster because of the hormonal issue. And also fortunately for you men, they tend to be stronger and have brighter. In contrast, men are much more likely to fall, baldness than

Due to a hormonal issue the male hair grows faster, it is shinier and also more resistant. On the other hand, men are much more prone to baldness than women, and this is a fact. All because of a hormone called testosterone, which gives men everything they need.

For all this, it is necessary that men have habits recommended and directed to the threads daily.


Tips and Basic Care for Male Hair

Wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day in the proper way is, of course, helps to control oiliness and thus avoid the evils like dandruff, seborrhea and another dermatitis of the scalp.

And to say that washing your hair every day makes your hair fall or rot is a myth! So wash with shampoo suitable for your hair type and especially rinse well, so as not to leave product residues is important. If your hair is very oily, you should wash and repeat the operation, but be careful and use a minimum amount of shampoo at a time. If possible dissolve the shampoo with a little water before using.


Shampoo right for each type of male hair

Do not think that washing your hair is enough. As I said before, it has to be with the shampoo appropriate to your hair type and then you can wash every day. And why wash everyday? Because the capillary wire is like a sponge that absorbs all the impurities of the environment. This allied to the fact that male hair tends to be more oily. It is a fact that the shorter yarns become oily more easily due to the mantoacid, the substance responsible for maintaining the natural oil of the scalp up to four fingers below the root. So the secret is to wash them well daily. And do not even think about washing with soap, because it has components that hit the wire causing it to fall.

And when I speak in shampoo suited to your hair type, I’m not talking about your hair there at the edge, where everyone is drier. I’m talking about your root, your scalp, and lastly your hair. The three types are the oily, the normal and the dry, but I think most already know what I’m talking about. If you do not know, ask your hairdresser for help.


Escape 2 in 1 Shampoo

I do not think I need to explain it, but come on! Since it was released it has become fashionable and is huge the amount of men who use 2 in 1 shampoo, one that already comes with conditioner. The formula brings ingredients with high hydration power and others that stick to the dirt of the threads and are dragged with the water during the rinsing. They increase the oiliness of the yarn and make your hair look heavy, understand? Then run away from them!


Is shampooing any good?

Many experts say that it is good to vary the shampoo periodically so that the hair does not get used to the active principle of the product. Particularly I think this is a myth, but as my husband and I like to vary, we always make the change at least every month. It will not hurt to change as long as you never forget to use the shampoo that fits your hair type.


Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Going back to the pros and cons, man’s hair usually has more dandruff problem than women’s. Scaling associated with itching can be caused by several different disorders (which only a dermatologist can diagnose which are), but most have dry skin, may also have seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema in more severe cases. The fact is that all these problems start with the wrong daily care and I am talking about the basics, washing and rinsing properly every day with correct products and if you have dandruff, use the anti-dandruff shampoo at least once a week. If your case is very serious, find a specialist to determine the required quantity as well as the products as well.


Finishers – Choose the right type

As for finishers it is important to choose the one that is appropriate for your hair type, and according to what you want from your hairstyle. As the man’s hair is more prone to oiliness, try not to use ointment, gel or any other type of finisher at the root. Do not overdo the amount and apply only to the superficial part of the hair, that is, from the middle to the ends.


Invest in treatments

Hair suffers from external effects, and so regardless of your hair type, everyone needs hydration. Therefore, from time to time, try to do this procedure as it will help strengthen and recover the wires. In the case of dry hair, if you can do it once a week, and if your hair is mixed or oily make 1 moisturizing every 15 days or whenever you cut them. But always with the right products.


From Inside Out – Take Care of What You Eat

There is no health of the hair if you do not feed properly, and the hair is nourished mainly with what we ingest. So we should have a balanced diet. That’s it! When you are missing some nutrients in your food, it reflects directly on the hair. So have a diet rich in vegetables, vegetables, protein, and cereals. Otherwise, you may have hair loss, problems with growth and weakening, coming from poor diet.


Beware of too hot water

The temperature of the water is very important too! So when it is time to wash your hair it should be at most around 20º, that’s it, warm almost cold and if it can be cold, that’s even better! The hair loves cold water!

So be very careful with the hot water, because the high temperature causes the increase of the production of the sebaceous gland, and consequently, it aids in the increase of the undesirable oiliness and consequently dandruff and seborrhea, besides it is clear to sensitize the scalp.


Hair Loss – How To Prevent

The problem that is most scary is hair loss, both for men and for women. When it occurs it needs to be treated by an expert, to diagnose the cause and how to treat it. But it is possible to prevent, prevent the fall, using shampoo fall, tonics and even dermocosmetics, the pills for hair loss. But the prevention that works the most is the simplest, just wash properly, rinse properly with appropriate products, avoid hot water and feed properly.

It is worth remembering that baldness can be aggravated by the use of anabolic hormones, by scalp traumas when rubbing with exaggerated force in the wash and by emotional disturbances. Seek medical advice before taking any medicine.


Cap and Hats – Avoid or Use in Moderation

Many men like or need to wear a cap or hat all the time. And these accessories, if used in excess, can greatly harm the health of the wires. If used for a long time they may end up “drowning” the scalp, which can accentuate problems such as dandruff and baldness, help to accumulate dirt along with the sweat, increase the oiliness that cause the damages that result in hair loss.

If these accessories are used after washing the hair, they will make it difficult to properly dry the scalp, which worsens the problem of dandruff and further causes the hair to fall out. So wearing hats or caps should be avoided.


Conditioner – Use moderately

You can use conditioner, and you should! It helps replenish the hydration and closes the cuticles of the wires. But use it only if you need it if your hair is too dry. For oily hair with dry tips use only at the tips. The conditioner is used to change the electric charge of the hair and prevent it from looking dry and brittle.

But it should be used in small quantity and just at the hair tips and rinse well. Nothing to leave conditioner without rinsing for hair to be “cool”, for this there are finalizers like a leave in.

If you need to use conditioner always look for use according to the amount of hair and never move up to the root of the hair. To give an idea, for very short hair, the ideal is a quantity equivalent to a nickel; while for larger or curly hair the equivalent of a 25 cent coin, okay?


Gray Hair – Special Care

For those who want to take on gray hair, it is important to use shampoos indicated for this type of hair, otherwise, it may leave them yellowish. In addition, it is necessary to wear special sunscreen for hair always. Now if you want to disguise them, the toners are a great alternative to paints.


Cutting to care – Trimming tips helps prevent dryness

Regular trimming of the hairs help to give more resistance to the yarn and gives a look of well-cared hair. On top of all this, if you have a “cutter” or modern cut as the undercut, going to the salon trim the tips every month is ideal for keeping the cut. Those who wear a medium or large haircut can go every 40 days.


Finishing Tips for Male Hair Care

  • If using finishers such as gel, ointment or spray, wash your hair before bed to remove them. But dry well, avoid sleeping with damp hair, to avoid the appearance of fungi on the scalp.
  • Give preference to the use of wide-combed wooden combs to comb the hair mainly after washing because the wires become weaker after wetting and bursting more easily. To comb the hair dry, prefer a brush of natural bristles. The wood comb or the brush with natural bristles, allow the neutralization of the static.
  • Especially during the summer try to use products with SPF (Solar Protection Factor).
  • Rinse the hair with cold water to make the moisture adhere to the wires and close the cuticle of the hair properly providing more shine and softness.
  • Do not use alcohol-based gel products, for example. And even using products in the form of a cream, avoid excess, they lead to yarn breakage and opacity. The modeling gel chemically supercharges hair, stifles the scalp and requires a very aggressive cleaning with the anti-residue shampoo, which can not be used daily, it should be used at most once every 15 days. So avoiding excess gel and finalizers is best for your hair. Alternatively use the moisturizing mousse to pack the wires, or spray humidifier if your hair is dry.
  • The products of today are more and more complete and thanks to the technology they make the oil control, they protect, they model while they hydrate, they give brighter and etc. When you have your hair cut, talk to a professional to find out what’s new in the cosmetic world, it will surely give you the best product that suits your hair type.

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