Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

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Who has fans with Korean girl group BLACKPINK? Yg Entertainment’s group is known not only for its cool music and dance but also for its fashion, makeup, including hairstyles that are different from others.

Let’s check out the hairstyle inspiration from the super cool Blackpink members!


Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles

1. High ponytail

This cool rapper has a fashion style known for being eccentric, but not with his hairstyle. Lisa’s hairstyle is arguably quite safe, one of which is this high ponytail.

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

You can also use this hairstyle every day, such as going to college or even while exercising. It would be cuter if you had bangs like Lisa!

2. Half updo

Here comes Lisa’s other casual hairstyle. All you have to do is take the top half of the hair and tie it up.

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

You can use a curler to make the bottom of the hair look wavy. This style is suitable for those of you who have long or short hair.

3. Bun

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

Who likes to tie hair with a bun style aka cepol like Jisoo? What is your favorite hairstyle?

For those of you who are in a hurry but want to stay cute, a bun can really be the hairstyle of choice. You can wear this hairstyle during a hangout with friends or on a vacation to a hot spot.

4. Tight braids

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

If you have long and thick hair, this braid style is perfect to try!

Separate your hair into two parts and start braiding from the top. This braid style is very fun and perfect when you go to the theme park or vacation!

5. Double top knot

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

Jennie looks so cute with this hair! Double top knots are hairstyles that many girls use when going to concerts or music festivals. Plus choker, you’ll look even more fashionable with this hairstyle!

6. Two-tone hair

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

Jennie’s hairstyle is similar to Lisa’s, the difference is, she has two-tone hair color, hence her hair color is more prominent with this hairstyle. Gradation colors can add volume and uniqueness to your hairstyle.

7. Side braids

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

Have you got enough time to get ready? Try side braids like Rosé! The sweet Rose looks cool with a braid hairstyle on this side. You need to be patient when braiding because if you can’t wait, this hairstyle can get messy!

8. Tied up braids

Best BLACKPINK Hairstyles, Super Cool!

Still themed braids, this time Rosé chose tied up braids while performing. Plus blonde and pink hair highlights, she looks unique with this hairstyle. You dare to imitate no, girls?

Among the various hairstyles of these BLACKPINK members, which one do you like the most?