Inspiration: The Best Hair Colors for Asians

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The third post in the series of inspirations about the best colors according to skin tones. We have already talked about it for white women here and for black women here. Now, it’s time to discover hair colors for Asian women, with the collaboration of specialists Penélope Beolchi, beauty stylist from Opa! Hair, and Rudi Werner, a hairstylist at Werner Coiffeur.

Hair colors for Asians: suggestions X restrictions

The first thing to understand is that the indications based on skin tones and undertones, be it white, black, or yellowish, always follow the idea of ​​an imperceptible coloring. That is, it is harmonious in such a way that it is confused with your natural hair tone. However, we know that this is not the wish of all women.

In times of fantasy tones, unique locks, and hair with ice-cream shades, the revolution and visual shock have also been much sought after. Therefore, there are no restrictions. What we offer, with the help of specialized colorists, are suggestions and tips for women who wish to color the threads, whether they are looking for a natural result or not.

Asian hair colors: specifics and inspirations

The second is that Asian skins also have subtones, as explained by Penélope Beolchi: “All skins have a predominant undertone. which can be pinkish (with a red background), yellowish (with a golden or orange background), violet, bluish or greenish (grayish).” Regarding the specifics, the good news is that Asian hair is usually thicker, which makes it more resistant. However, “Asian hairs tend to be darker and often need to undergo more discoloration, which also compromises the texture – and the health – of the strands,” says Beolchi.

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It is unanimous: the two agree that to keep the look as natural as possible, the best option is to have a dark and slightly yellowish color. Rudi says: “In general, investing in the contrast of dark hair with Asian skin will guarantee a more spontaneous look. Brown, black, coppery and, if you prefer to opt for light tones, blonds pulled for honey and gold, as they also create a good contrast, in contrast to yellowish tones”. However, recalls Penélope, “Asians, mainly Japanese and Japanese, are the precursors of very colorful hair in fantasy tones,” so there is no rule.

[/caption] [/caption] [/caption] Inspiration: The Best Hair Colors for Asians[/caption]

And when it comes to hair care?

No use, even thicker and more resistant, varying hair colors for Asian women will require extra care after bleaching. Adhering to the capillary schedule, changing hair products, and avoiding heat tools, in addition to external aggressions, such as chlorine and salt, are advisable. In addition, looking for a professional when it comes to discoloring and applying the dye is always safer than trying to risk it and do it yourself. For this post-discoloration care, we suggest double Shampoo TRESemmé Platinum Shield and Conditioner TRESemmé Shield Platinum, as it provides to the chemically treated hair special care regenerating damaged hair.