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Jaspreet Singh Manak is the full name of Jass Manak Jass is a singer, lyricist and composer Punjabi. Jass is the nickname and the name of the love of Jass Manak. Date of birth of Jass Manak is December 23, 1993. He was born into a Sikh family of Panjab. He is now 24 years old, according to his date of birth 23 December 1993 to 17. Now, the days of his current residency in Mohali, India. Jass is very famous for his latest Punjabi song Prada that was released on June 13, 2018. He got the fame of his song super hit “Prada ” (2018). His song Prada Cruz 3.5 + millions of visualizations only in 20 hours on YouTube. These are some famous Jass songs like Dhoka, Hanju, U-Turn, Yaari, without you, Prada.

Some important facts about Jass Manak

  • Jass Manak smokes? Answer: No
  • Jass Manaqk drink? Answer: Unavailable
  • 3 lakhs is the monthly income of Jass Manak and its net worth is approximately 3 million +.
  • It concludes its schooling of the public school Hemkunt, Jalandhar and Jass are well graduates.
  • Jass is very inspired by the famous singer of Panjabi Gurdas Mann.
  • Jimmy Shergill is the favorite Punjabi actor of Jass Manak and Black is the favorite color.
  • He has a lot of confidence in motorcycles and Royal Enfield Bullet (Standard) is Jass’s favorite bike.

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