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Judge Judy is a U.S. arbitration court-based reality program presided over by Judge Judy Sheindlin, a retired judge from the Manhattan family Court. The program introduces Sheindlin by resolving disputes of small claims of real life within a set of simulated courts. Prior to the procedure, all parties involved must sign arbitration contracts that accept the management of Sheindlin personnel, management and production. The series is in the Sdistribución of the first run and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

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Sheindlin on 2012
The program won three Emmy awards and had the highest rankings in judicial programming in the United States.

The program debuted at 1996 and its 23rd season began in September 2018. On March 2015, Sheindlin and CBS television Distribution extended their contract with the 25th season of the program (2020 – 21).

Since his debut, Judge Judy has gained enormous popularity and had the highest audience in the court’s programming in the United States. The show was also the largest daytime television program of its 3rd (1998-99) for the 5th season (2000 – 01). Thereafter, the Nielsen rating of the series was moderate, but recovered the number one place for its 13th season (2009-10) and retained this reign to date. For its 16th season (2011-12), was named the most valued program throughout the day, as well as the Sdistribución, average of a rating of 7.0. He regained his position as leader throughout the Sdistribución for his 18th season and retained this title in advance, 5 consecutive years to date through his 22nd season.

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