How to Apply Pomade

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For most male hairstyles, some kind of hair product is required for volume, bracket or texture. This can intimidate for kids who are young to use anything other than hair gel, but other types of products are almost as easy to use and look much better.

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Here’s everything you need to know about using Pomade.


1. What is the Pomade

Many men’s hair products are called ointment, but what exactly is it?

Originally, the ointment was the oil-based products that created slippery, glossy looks as you saw in Grease and Mad Men. Today, the button is a general term for men’s hair products. There are a wide variety of formulas with different coatings, fastening, and ingredients that work for all different types and hairstyles.

2. Types of Pomades

When looking for an ointment, the right formula for you depends on the type of hair and hairstyle. Thicker hair and higher volume styles will require more support, while thinner hair and looser styles can use a low to hold medium. For the current trend of the texture, look for the buttons with clay or wax that create the separation.

are a ton of products out there and more every day, so check out this list of the best Pomaparas or talk to your barber about what they recommend to you.

3. Wet hair, dry or wet

For most pointless, the hair should be moist, close to dry, but not dry or moist. Too much water dilutes the product and holds out when dry hair makes it harder to distribute the knob evenly.

That said, some formulas should be applied to dry hair. Just check the instructions on your product of choice. Some formulas will also have a brighter finish when applied to damp hair and more matte finish when applied to dry. Boys with curly or wavy hair should always apply the product to damp hair.

4. How to apply Pomade

Most pointers will be difficult and should be heated before use. Start by scraping an amount the size of a pea from the bottle, place it on a palm and rub together until the product warms. It’s always better to start with just a little product because you can always add more, but you don’t want to put too much.

With both hands, start rubbing the product in the roots of your hair as if you were working on shampoo. Then pull your fingers to the ends and repeat until the ointment is evenly distributed. If you’re going for a hairstyle look, repeat with a comb.

Now work your hair in the desired hairstyle. For slippery backs or side parts, comb your hair in one direction. For spikes, pull the hair with the fingers pinched. For textured styles, pinch small hair sections together.

Most water-based products can be touched throughout the day. Wet fingers only to restyle the look.

5. Blowing dryer Pomade

Hair products aren’t the only way to create amazing masculine hairstyles that stay in place throughout the day. A heated base will add volume and maintain that the ointment cannot be alone. If you blow-dry hair, apply the product to damp hair, it will be sealed and end with a shot of fresh air. If more product is required, work a little on the end then.

This should start with the use of unjoining, but reading the words is never enough. The next time you see your stylist or hairdresser, get product recommendations and style tips. So keep practicing at home. It takes a while to get it down, but with the right haircut and Pomade, you’ll see your best in no time.