How to Cut Your Hair at Home and Alone in Different Ways!

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Learning how to cut your hair yourself can be quite a challenge – and we, at All Things Hair, always stress that the ideal is to go to the salon or ask someone to help you. But if you are willing to try, know that following the steps correctly, the chances of having a good result are great! Next, learn several ways to accomplish this mission!

To start, you need good hair clippers, plastic clips, fine-tooth combs, and one or more large mirrors, as well as a naturally lit environment or a place with a very bright lamp.

If you want, you can buy a cape to protect your clothes from your cut hair, or improvise with an old shirt.


How to cut hair alone in V

This cut is characterized by the “V” shape on the back of the hair. It is usually made in long, layered threads, perfect for framing your face.

1. Detangle the wires and try to keep them well aligned.
2. Separate the hair in half with a comb, dividing it into two parts. Place each part in front of the shoulder.
3. Secure one part with an elastic band. Take the other part, hold the combed part firmly and cut it straight to the size you want. If you prefer a sharper cut, the tip is to look at the floor while cutting the strands.

How to Cut Your Hair at Home and Alone in 8 Different Ways!

This is a great idea for those with long strands. Photo:

How to cut hair alone in U

This type of cut is a good alternative for those who want to give lightness to the strands and more movement.

1. Align the strands with a comb and divide them into two parts.
2.  Choose one of the strands to cut, tilt your head to the side, turn your neck to the opposite side to the one you are about to cut.
3.  Make a straight cut with the scissors and repeat the same process on the other side.
4.  Measure both sides to make sure they are the same.


How to cut short hair by yourself

Tired of long hair and want to shorten your hair a little? It’s for now!

1. Untangle the wires.
2. Divide the hair in half, set the amount you want to cut, and secure both halves with an elastic band (they should be 100% aligned).
3. Now, just pass the scissors just below the elastic mark.
4. Loosen your hair, comb it again and check if any tips remain. If the answer is “yes”, cut them straight.