How to Grow a Long Beard

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Beards are one of the must-have accessories for men in this year. If you already have one, you may be ready to go from a short beard to epic beard state. Here is how to grow a long beard and trim too.

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Growing a long beard is very simple. A. Facial hair grows. Two. Take care. How long is the beard going to grow? Depends on. Everyone has a genetically determined maximum growth rate, but there are ways to ensure that you reach your potential. How to make a beard grow faster? Basically, a healthy life with good diet, exercise and adequate rest. Keep reading to see the details.

1. Diet РThe elements of the controversial paleo diet is one of the ways to stimulate hair growth. Increase the consumption of high-quality proteins and fat sources, such as free-range and organic eggs or grass-fed meats to promote facial hair growth. Sugar, on the other hand, grows very weak hair.

2. Testosterone¬†– Testosterone is related to hair growth. According to “facial hair manual ” Author and two-time World Beard Champion Jack Passion, exercise increases testosterone levels. Combine weightlifting that is designed for large muscle groups such as squats, elevators, and cardio cleaners (or beat your local CrossFit gym).

3. Sleep – like an adult, your body repairs injuries and grows hair during sleep. Point to 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a darkroom. Best.

Now that your beard growth is maximized, it’s time to take care of facial hair. There are natural oils that protect the hair but for harsh conditions like a chlorate pool or a windy day outdoors, they protect the hair with a light cover of jojoba oil. Maintaining the beard will also keep the beard hair itching as well as smooth and conditioned.

If you are engaged with a long beard, it is best to skip the trimming until the desired length is reached. If the result is too Shaggy for your job, start early. When trimming the beard for the first time, start slowly and gently. It is much better to spend more time keeping a beard than rowing. In this length, many men find that facial hair may differ in hair color in the head. Beards often have red, grey or other colors. Take a look at this beard coloring guide If you want a new look.

See how to trim a long beard. Even with long beards, use a normal-sided beard trimmer. Choose a long protection length and start with the sides of the face, above the jaw line. Starting with the highest guard and working your way down will result in a narrower cut and have less room for error.

The rest of the beard is all about slimming hairs in a nice way. Start by combing your face in all directions. You can now use scissors or clippers, although a hand slide with the latter may cause serious damage. Using your fingers as a guide, about Taper the beard in the desired way. When you are finished, straight hair down against the skin and check the results. If the hair is not short enough or the right way, comb it again and trim a little more. Avoid more clipping by doing this in some phases until you start practicing.

The last step is to trim the mustache. Re-exit the shaving trimmer and start with a longer guard. When the ‘ Stache is the right length, use the scissors to clean all the rogue hairs and you have a long, ready beard.