8 Ways to Remove Hair Ink Stains From the Skin

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Nowadays hair dyes for use at home are common and increasingly easy to apply. The biggest problem today is knowing how to apply the product, taking the necessary precautions for its correct use.

8 Ways to Remove Hair Ink Stains From the Skin

In addition to rugs, towels, and clothes, when the dye comes into contact with the skin it also generates stains, and they do nothing well. According to hairstylist Nice Cavalcante, from the Maria Beleza salon, “the dyes can cause redness, itching and irritation on sensitive skin”, therefore, before applying it to the entire hair, it is important to test the product on the skin.

The professional’s suggestion to reduce the impact of the dye on the skin is to opt for colorants, which are less aggressive and, therefore, cause fewer allergies.

Also, stains are very difficult to get out. See below for unusual methods with products you have at home that can be effective for removing dye from the skin:

1. Detergent

Apply a small amount of kitchen detergent to the area of ​​the stain, rubbing it with your fingers. In case of darker spots, or that have been on the skin for a longer time, use a moistened handkerchief or cotton soaked in detergent and water to rub the area.

For best results, make a mixture with two parts of detergent and two parts of baking soda, until it turns into a paste, and apply in the region, rubbing it with your finger or cotton.

2. Toothpaste

Moisten the affected area and apply a small amount of toothpaste, rubbing in a circular motion for 30 to 60 seconds, or until the stain is completely removed. After the procedure, wash the area with warm water and soap, drying with a towel.

3. Vaseline

As with the previous procedures, spread a quantity of Vaseline over the stain, taking great care so that the product does not come into contact with the eyes. If the product is the color of the dye, clean and restart the technique, until the final result.

4. Baby oil

With your fingers, apply a generous layer of baby oil to the stains. Leave it on overnight and wash the area with warm water and soap when you wake up.

5. Hair gel

With a cotton, apply hair gel throughout the area of ​​the spots, rubbing in a circular motion. If necessary, wash and restart the procedure until the stain has disappeared.

6. Vinegar

Make a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar and apply to the stained area with the help of a cotton swab. Rub in a circular motion until the stain is completely removed. If it doesn’t work, try to concentrate the mixture with the vinegar and repeat the process.

7. Cigarette Ash

Amazingly, cigarette ash helps a lot in removing dye stains. Moisten a cotton wool in the ashes and rub in the region. To avoid the strong cigarette smell, reserve the ashes approximately two days before coloring, in an open container, and add a little talc.

8. Sweetener

Like the others mentioned, the idea is to soak a cotton in the product, and rub it through the region until the stain comes out, repeating the process if necessary. It is important to remember to wash your skin well afterwards, avoiding residues.