How to Moisturize Your Hair: Recipes for Shiny Hair

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Moisturizing your hair only has advantages! The replacement of water in the capillary fiber is responsible for leaving the strands silky, shiny and makes it much easier to untangle. In addition to the aesthetic issue, hydration often helps keep the hair healthier and combat heat, pollution, and chemicals.

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Best of all, you can treat your hair without even leaving the comfort of your home with homemade recipes that are cheap and easy to make. See the recipes we have separated for different results and different types of hair.

How to moisturize dry hair

  1. Place two scoops of a treatment mask of your choice in a container;
  2. Add a tablespoon of heavy cream and mix until smooth;
  3. Wash your hair using only shampoo and apply hydration to damp strands;
  4. Let the product act for 30 minutes, rinse and finish with conditioner.

This hydration is ideal for those with dry hair, especially after chemical treatments. The cream is rich in fat, and the result is shiny and very soft hair. It is vital to use the conditioner after applying hydration. It seals the hair cuticles and prolongs the effect of the creams.

How to moisturize curly hair

  1. Make a mixture using two spoons of coffee and a spoon of coconut oil;
  2. Complete the recipe with your favorite treatment mask;
  3. Apply to hair massaging lock by a lock;
  4. Let the hydration act for 15 minutes with the help of a small bag or thermal cap and rinse;

Coffee helps to strengthen the strands, and that’s why it’s an excellent option for those who want to improve the look of their curls.

In addition to providing a deep cleanse, caffeine is an ingredient that works as a hair growth stimulant. Its antioxidant potential will transform dull and lifeless hair into strong, shiny hair!

How to moisturize blonde hair

  1. Set aside two tablespoons of deep hydration mask in a container;
  2. Add a teaspoon of chamomile, a spoon of glycerin, and a spoon of 100% vegetable oil;
  3. Mix and apply only to clean, untangled hair length;
  4. Keep the product on the wires for 10 minutes and rinse.

This recipe is the secret to highlighting the blonde’s tone without damaging the hair!

Chamomile has pigments that are activated during the infusion and therefore lightens the hair naturally. Combined with other moisturizing ingredients, the result is a light blonde, soft, and ready to rock!

How to moisturize your hair with highlights

  1. Separate wet hair into locks and apply apple cider vinegar;
  2. Put on a thermal cap and let it act for 25 minutes;
  3. Remove the cap and apply a moisturizing cream with the vinegar still on the hair;
  4. Put the cap on for another 10 minutes, and then rinse your hair.

Chemical processes can leave hair elastic and dry. That’s why hydration with apple cider vinegar can be ideal for those who make lights.

Vinegar is an acidic substance and therefore helps regulate the pH of the strands; as a result, you will have light, silky hair with sealed ends!

How to moisturize hair with aloe

  1. Remove the gel from the aloe and mix it with a moisturizing mask;
  2. Wash your hair with an anti-residue shampoo and then apply moisture;
  3. Massage your hair well and avoid putting the mixture on the scalp;
  4. The hydration should stay on the hair for 10 minutes. Rinse and finish with conditioner.

The most laborious process of this hydration is to extract the pulp from the aloe.

Aloe cleans and moisturizes your hair and is an excellent and natural treatment against dandruff and hair loss.

How to moisturize hair with cornstarch

  1. Dissolve a spoonful of cornstarch in half a glass of cold water;
  2. Bring to the fire and stir until it boils and turns into a mush;
  3. While the recipe cools, take the opportunity to wash your hair with shampoo;
  4. Mix cornstarch with three tablespoons of moisturizing mask and one tablespoon of coconut oil;
  5. Apply to damp hair, leave for at least 30 minutes and rinse.

Use a shopping bag or thermal cap to boost hydration.

This is a moisturizer for those that faint your hair! Removes frizz, leaves the smooth smoother, and whoever has curls gets an extra defined result. If you want an even more powerful impact, you can add milk when cooking the cornstarch.

How to moisturize hair with honey

  1. Add a spoon of honey to a treatment cream of your choice;
  2. Apply to hair while massaging the strands well;
  3. Leave the hydration on the hair for half an hour and rinse.

Always try to use 100% natural honey and never apply directly to dry hair, as the texture of the ingredient can curl and even break the strands. Honey is rich in vitamins, retains, and enhances the effect of moisturizing masks. Your hair deserves this care!

How to moisturize hair with egg

  1. Break three eggs into a container;
  2. Add one and a half scoops of water to each egg and mix until smooth;
  3. Pass through hair, starting at the roots and going to the ends;
  4. Tie your hair into a bun and let it sit for 20 minutes;
  5. Rinse in cold water and wash your hair as usual.

An egg is a cheap ingredient and very easy to find.

The recipe with whole eggs is recommended for those who have normal hair; if you have the driest hair choose to use only the yolks; as for oily hair, the whites are the most suitable!

How to moisturize hair with glycerin

  1. Place a glycerin cap and a probentol cap in a container;
  2. Top up with a hair mask and mix until smooth;
  3. Wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner;
  4. Apply the hydration massaging the strands well, let it act for 30 minutes, and that’s it!

Did you know that glycerin, in addition to moisturizing, is a humectant and lubricating?

Luany Cristina gives an important tip: choose to hydrate with glycerin only on days with high humidity in the air. In dry weather, the effect can be opposite and leave your hair even more dehydrated.

How to moisturize your hair with sugar

  1. Set aside four tablespoons of your favorite mask, add sugar and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil;
  2. Mix everything and apply to hair already washed with shampoo, massaging strand by strand;
  3. Let it act for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse and finish with conditioner.

Powerful hydration with ingredients you already have at home!

Sugar exfoliates, hydrates, and cleans the tresses, which are defined with a lot of shine and light! It is worth adding bepantol and a little honey to strengthen the effect of the mixture.

You can use the bath minutes to make masks with faster action times when it’s a busy day. When you have a break in your schedule, enjoy the recipes that take the most time and take a moment to relax while you take care of yourself. You deserve it, and your hair will thank you!