Charming French Bob Haircut

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Charming French Bob Haircut – Apart from the fresh and surprising look, the French Bob has a lot to do for him. The best thing is that they are more or fewer suits. Precise cutting (length and layers) depends on your face shape and the structure of the hair, but it always ends somewhere on the chin, or right cut or curving slightly. That gives it its special character and makes it so French: Other classic shakes tend to be longer. Also, the French Bob always has bangs, which can be a bit of feather and must fall to the eyebrows, definitely not shorter.

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Styling the French Bob is easy: it is a laissez-faire attitude rather than a perfect, the look of a dry blow. Messy is good. Very precise stylized and looks serious, totally lacking in French indifference. But beware, messy doesn’t mean sloppy: what you’re doing is a look out of the bed that you can use for any occasion. Just work a texturizing spray on the straight hair after washing it, and moisturizing the spray on the wavy hair. No need to dry or straighten: You can leave your hair dry naturally and then adjust the style with your fingertips. Finish with some glow spray puffs-and you are done!

Yes, you can wear the French bob even if you’re not French! The best thing about it is that it’s quick to style and works for just about any hair structure. And naturally wavy hair is actually a plus for this one – extra cool! Read on to find out about the French bob and how to style it


Charming French Bob Haircut

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